Village Pediatric Speech (VPS) is locally owned and operated by a four-member partnership of Speech-Language Pathologists and Parents.  It is our mission at VPS to provide the best, customized therapy for every child, based on the individual child’s needs.  Not a generic Plan of Care, but one that is designed for your child.  At VPS, we believe every child can reach their greatest potential when the delays are properly addressed.

Therapy sessions are one-on-one, with limited outside distractions.  VPS does encourage parent, guardian, and/or caretaker participation during the therapy sessions, as well as outside the clinic.  This will give your child the greatest benefit of the therapy time with Village Pediatric Speech Therapy is offered in the child’s natural environment whenever possible.  However, VPS offices are warm, friendly and inviting if the natural environment is not an option.

We welcome you to stop by Village Pediatric Speech and experience what being “part of the village” truly means.  Our knowledgeable office staff and therapists at VPS are available to answer questions and concerns, and provide assistance in the referral process.

As parents, we understand the anxiety and sometimes fear, associated with “ not knowing”.  We also understand the feeling of urgency to get started and make it better.

Please give a call today and let Village Pediatric Speech be part of your child’s village..